Elegant and Quiet Apartments in Venice

Just wonder entering a typical ‘sottoportico’ (arch gateway) in a country courtyard. Surrounding you, terraced houses on two sides and ancient red brick walls on the remaining two sides. On these walls, roses, jasmine and wild vines growing up.

A Verona marble well dating back to the 15th century (you will find only another well made of the same material and same style, on Torcello island near the Basilica) makes you realize that you are not in a country relais but in Venice.

In this magical setting in Venice historic center, among the most relaxing and quiet places, secluded from the main touristy areas but surprisingly easy to reach and convenient to public transports, you find my elegant apartments, which I called Garden Houses.

My Apartments

In a peaceful romantic setting, the Garden Houses apartments are furnished in classic Venetian style and with beamed ceilings. Rooms are large, bathrooms are comfortable, the kitchen is fully equipped and with every comfort. We are always available for any further requests.

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Holiday apartments in Venice

Holiday apartments in Venice? If you’re looking for a holiday apartment in Venice, you’re in the right place. Garden Houses offers holiday rentals that are perfect to enjoy Venice magical atmosphere.